Glass Coffee Table With Ottomans Underneath

Coffee Tables Getting comfortable in a living room that doesn’t have a coffee table can take some effort. Without a place to place a cup within easy reach, rest a book or even prop up one’s feet, even the world’s most comfortable sofa feels somewhat incomplete. Pottery Barn’s coffee tables help fill in that all-important […]

Where To Get Glass Top For Table

Choosing The Perfect Glass Table Top If you’re in need of a glass table top cover to protect your furniture, you’ve come to the right place! The glass table top replacement services we offer are designed to help you quickly make your selection. After all, the glass table top cover that you choose today will […]

Adjustable Height Glass Table

Gray Round Glass Side Table w/ Adjustable Height belongs to Eurostyle. A magnificent design that says, “Function isn’t everything”. Why not make this interesting as well? The surface floats gracefully, practically airborne, and the height is easily adjustable with the chain and peg. Wow. Side Table Adjustable height coffee table. Our Passo is a transforming […]

Ashley Furniture Glass Dining Table

All seat cushion cores will soften with normal use and will conform to the shape of the user. This shall be considered normal wear, and shall not be considered a loss of resiliency or a material manufacturing defect. Within one year from the date of purchase, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. will replace, for the original […]

Colored Glass Table Tops

222 I want to replace my chipped glass table cover, how do I measure it to determine its correct size? Place the end of a measuring tape on the center of the table vertically. Stretch the measuring tape straight across to the opposite side. Use this measurement as the diameter and size for a round […]